25th SEPTEMBER 2023

Sustainable Action Begins With a Conversation



global sustainable goals


Implement sustainable practices culture among the chemistry community worldwide

global sustainable goals


Showcase activities pursued locally that could be applied nationally/internationally

global sustainable goals

Promote Actions

Promote the engagement of young and established chemists and professionals in taking actions for the benefit of society and the sustainability of our planet

global sustainable goals


Launch synergies across different countries and continents in implementing sustainable practices


The Global Conversation on Sustainability (GCS) project is a joint effort of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN). It is aligned with the goals of both IUPAC and the IYCN to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices on a chemistry basis. The GCS coordinates a one-day umbrella event worldwide every year, encompassing independently organized events, focusing on sustainability towards a common good.

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The Global Conversation on Sustainability (GCS) is an umbrella event that coordinates individual lectures, panel discussions, world cafés, and other formats organized by engaged individuals and organizations.

We believe that the sustainable transformation of chemistry should be conducted by chemists for chemists. Thus, the success of the inclusive GCS approach and the attainment of its goals for the benefit of science, economy and society depends on individuals like you willing to participate in the conversation, and to share their knowledge and experience.

Do you want to actively contribute to a change towards more sustainable practices in chemistry? Do you have a success story to tell regarding sustainable actions in or for chemistry? Do you want to educate people about sustainable or green chemistry? Are you looking to engage with peers to discuss solutions for the big challenges? Do you know an inspiring personality whose story should be heard?

Start organizing and register an event today to become part of the solution...
...because sustainable action begins with a conversation.


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